Grind Stone Muay Thai

Grind Stone Muay Thai

Grind Stone Muay Thai

Grind Stone Muay Thai was founded in 2013 by Kru Chase Walden. It is a revolutionary training system of Thai Boxing Broken down into basic training groups and styles of training.

1) The Grindstone Pad Holding System:

This is a pad holding system built to sharpen a fighters.”responses” into “reactions” by using Nonverbal commands and body language.

Jake and Chase GSThis “bodily conversation” hones the fighters “target recognition” by using visual distractions while simultaneously training the fighters subconscious recognition of both “Non Broken Rhythm” and “Broken rhythm”. This is done using auditory distractions and tempo increase/decrease while using the fighters strikes to create both “syncopated” and “Non Syncopated” Beats/Melodies.
What is most significant about this pad holding system, is that the same system has be PROVEN to diminish the lines of “character” in a school. This system allows day one students, private clients and pro fighters to all train the exact same way (scalable of course) using the same systematic approach to holding pads. this subsequently makes a much more welcoming environment in your school for new clientele when they see they are doing the same training as the fighters. However, this system DOES NOT take away from your fighters training goals. This systematic style of pad holding has received the following remarks:

Steven brown- (twelve years muay thai experience)

      “Extremely cerebral”

Ajarn (Master) Buck Grant. Founder of the Muay Thai University-

         “Revolutionary” “Ingenious”

2) Grind Stone Seminar series:

This is a series of seminars that are catered towards teaching the Grind Stone Systematical approach to holding pads. These seminars have received the following remarks:

Kru Roderick Melvin (trained in two camps in Thailand on separate trips) 14 year Muay Thai veteran, Head Striking coach at New World MMA in Newport News VA.

       “Unlike anything I’ve ever seen or done”

              “Hands down the best seminar I’ve ever attended and I’ve been doing this for 14 years, that’s a LOOONG time”

Webber Linn-20 years experience, striking coach at LA Boxing Northern Va

       “I’ve trained with Master Toddy, Brandon Vera and Rob Kaman at seminars. And I’ve never taken more away from a seminar than I have today”

3) Grind Stone Circuit Training:

This is a system of “circuit training” designed to be just as taxing on your cardiovascular system as a Muay Thai fight is. This Goal is accomplished through the introduction of actual Muay Thai strikes, The Grind Stone Pad Holding System, functional weight lifting as well as dynamic exercises into every circuit. This helps develop the fighters stress inoculation by putting them in the most stressful cardio vascular scenario possible.