Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The House Of Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu-Jistu

The mission of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is to create a safe and inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels to enjoy the many benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our programs base is designed to teach physical fitness, social awareness, confidence, discipline, and self-defense. We have a detailed Fundamentals program that prepares students for unavoidable violent confrontations in the streets.


Children's Martial Arts

Our kid’s program is a great way to develop respect, self-discipline, teamwork, and encourages physical activity.

At The House, our instructors have decades of martial arts experience, and are life-long students themselves. Their dedication to their art has made them exceptional teachers and mentors for all ages. We believe that by teaching children, we can instill strong values in our future leaders that they can carry with them to all situations and aspects of their lives. By instilling respect, discipline, teamwork, and physical activity, we teach all of our students to create a lifestyle that will empower them for success for a life time.


Fitness Kickboxing/Fighter Fitness Class

Learn to Punch and kick like a pro while getting in amazing shape!

The Fitness Kickboxing/Fighter Fitness Class is the foundation and prerequisite for all of our classes. This is a one hour, high intensity, no contact work out that is fun and challenging for all ages, levels of experience, and degrees of fitness. Our expert instructors will help you get in the best shape of your life by punching, elbowing, kicking, and kneeing a heavy bag.


Muay Thai Fundamentals

Learn Muay Thai from world-class coaches and fighters.

The Muay Thai Fundamentals class introduces students to partner training with light contact; and builds on the basic mechanics that are taught in the Fitness Kickboxing/Fighter Fitness class. Students learn Practical application of the basics by working with a partner and drilling techniques in our progressive system, developed by The Muay Thai University and ajarn Buck Grant.


Advanced Muay Thai

Sparring and American Muay Thai Fight Team Training

Advanced Muay Thai uses heavy drills and sparring to help further develop practical application of the skills learned in our other classes. Advanced Muay Thai Practitioners and members of the American Muay Thai Fight Team are welcome with approval from Ajarn Buck or Kru Jake.


Ajarn Buck Grant's Muay Thai University

Ajarn Buck Grant has trained Muay Thai and MMA champions all over the world. Throughout his career, he has produced the most elite coaches, teachers, and instructors. If You are interested in learning the art of instruction, Ajarn Buck can share his secrets of success with you!

The Muay Thai University is dedicated to creating powerful leaders who can share the national sport of Thailand to the rest of the world.

Our missions statement is simple and impactful:

To grow, cultivate, and carry on the time-honored are of Muay Thai by producing the highest level of instructors in the world.