Children's Martial Arts

 We will teach your child respect, practical bully proof techniques, and a winning mindset. 

Children's Martial Arts Explained


Our Children’s Martial Arts program teaches respect, discipline, teamwork, and the importance of physical activity. In addition to character development, our program focuses on practical Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique. We help our students create a lifestyle that will empower them for success. At The House, our instructors have decades of martial arts experience and are life-time students themselves. Their dedication to their art has made them exceptional teachers and mentors for all ages. We believe that by teaching children, we can instill strong values in our future leaders that they can carry with them to all situations and aspects of their lives.

Required Gear: Equipment package- gloves, shin guards, Muay Thai shorts, HOMT t-shirt, and gi

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