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Jake Chamberlain

Head Muay Thai Instructor


Coach Jake Chamberlain is the owner and co-founder of The House of Muay Thai as well as its senior Muay Thai instructor. Jake is an active competitor and Champion in several top ranked Muay Thai leagues including The World Kickboxing Association’s Virginia State Title and he has competed twice on the world stage in Glory. Through Jake’s continuing participation in competition, he brings practical experience to The House of Muay Thai’s students and fight team.

Jake began training traditional martial arts at a young age. In his teens, he spent time training in various striking gyms up and down the East Coast until finding a home at The MMA Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia. After joining the fight team and gaining a reputation as a fierce competitor, his focus shifted towards teaching Muay Thai and refining his technique. In addition to being an active member of their fight team, Jake ran the MMA Institute of Charlottesville’s Muay Thai program and helped coach some of Virginia’s top ranked fighters to multiple championships.

In 2014 he co-founded The House of Muay Thai in Norfolk, Virginia with a simple vision. To create a community for all martial artist passionate about Muay Thai to train and become champions, inside and outside of the ring. Since then, The House of Muay Thai has become Norfolk’s top Martial Arts school, accommodating the various training goals of its large community of students.

In 2016 after extensive training at the legendary Luktupfah Muay Thai camp in Bangkok, Jake achieved his life long goal of competing in Thailand. With his trainers blessing and a promise to return, he returned to The House of Muay Thai and rededicated his life to training his students and fighters.


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